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The Love Story Gift Set includes everything you need to document and preserve your love story. The beautiful linen Keepsake Box is specifically designed to capture all of your meaningful memories. The journal features prompts and thought-provoking questions to guide you through your writing, making it easy and enjoyable to document your love story. Not only does the Keepsake Box provide a safe place to store your journal, but it also comes with a dedicated space for mementos. This allows you to keep all of your special keepsakes in one place, creating a treasure trove of memories that you can look back on for years to come. For those who may need some guidance or inspiration, the set comes with a get-started guide. This guide offers helpful tips and suggestions to help you get the most out of your Love Story Journal. Create a timeless keepsake that you and your special someone can look back on for years to come. Cherish each memory and preserve them in the Keepsake Box. Because love stories are meant to be remembered and treasured.

Details: Dimensions: 7 x 10 x 2.6

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