Research has proven that spending even as little as 20 minutes in nature can significantly reduce cortisol levels. Finding activities to further connect with nature can be even more therapeutic.

The June & December Specimen Collecting Kit is the perfect tool for any outdoor enthusiast or curious collector. This compact kit includes everything you need to collect, observe, and preserve memories from your outdoor adventures and display your findings, making it a great gift for children and adults alike.

And you can rest easy knowing the materials for this kit are compostable, reusable, and sustainably sourced.

Size: 5.50" x 3.75" x 1"

What's Included:
Collecting tin with gold foil detail on the back for easy display.
Ten assorted glass display bottles with corks to store your findings.
Stainless tweezers for precise handling of delicate objects.
Six stainless specimen pins for secure placement of items.
Instruction booklet to guide you through the collecting process.
Gold foil stickers to personalize your tin after opening.

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