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Upgrading to the Ibride Baby Alpaga Chic Gold Bedside Table can have a substantial impact on not only your home decor but also your overall well-being. Made from the finest materials, this luxurious piece is designed to add sophistication and elegance to your living space, creating a calming and welcoming ambiance. 

The Ibride - Bedside Table - Baby Alpaga Chic Gold is the epitome of elegance and functionality. Made in France, this exquisite piece of furniture has a refined coat that gives it the appearance of a miniature boudoir on legs. The chic gold fringes add a touch of sophistication making this piece truly versatile allowing it to adapt to any interior design style, serving as a bedside table, bar cabinet, or storage console.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, this bedside table also serves a practical purpose. Its hidden storage space allows you to discreetly store your personal belongings, keeping your room clutter-free and organized.

The material used for the fringes is viscose, which adds an element of luxury and durability to this piece. With its unique design and impeccable craftsmanship, the Ibride - Bedside Table - Baby Alpaga Chic Gold is sure to elevate the look and feel of your living space.


  • Made in France
  • Fabric: HPL/fringes: viscose
  • Weight: 27.34 lb (12.4 kg)
  • Dimensions: H.72 x L.66 x W.27 cm

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