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The Ibride 8 piece Dinner Set in the Yuan Narcisse design is a true work of art, designed by Rachel and Benoit Convers for Ibride. Inspired by the traditional Chinese Yuan vase, this stackable tableware set consists of bowls and salad bowls. At first glance, the design may seem simple, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a deeper story within.
The Yuan Narcisse dinner set features delicate floral motifs and reflections of water, alluding to the myth of Narcissus. This unique blend of Eastern influence and Western design makes for a truly captivating piece.
But this set is not only functional; once stacked, it transforms into a beautiful decorative object. The clever design of the Yuan Narcisse set allows for both practicality and beauty in one.
Add a touch of elegance and history to your dining table with the Ibride_8-piece Dinner Set - Yuan Narcisse.

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