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Th`k: 12 Wonderful Ways Dogs Show Love

Th`k: 12 Wonderful Ways Dogs Show Love

The love we have for our dogs is precious and can create strong bonds that last a lifetime. When you look at them, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of love.  Dogs have a special way of improving your mood and making you feel better.

Unfortunately, while you can tell your dog how much you love them, you might wonder what’s on their mind.  One thing many pet parents wonder is if their dog truly loves them and may look for signs that they feel the same way.  Here are twelve wonderful ways that our dogs show us love.

Makes eye contact - dogs are naturally hesitant to make eye contact. When dogs stare at each other it can be uncomfortable, sometimes viewed as a challenge. When your dog directly looks you in the eye it means they feel you have a particularly close and loving bond.

Excited to see you- one of life’s joys is a dog’s excitement when they meet you at the door. They are genuinely happy to see you. And this a strong sign that your dog is connected to you.

Yawning- this may be a less than an obvious sign of devotion.  If they yawn regularly when you’re around, it’s not because they are bored - it’s because they feel completely safe and comfortable with you.

Raising their eyebrows- a surprising, recent canine discovery concerns a dog’s eyebrows. The more they raise them, the happier they are to be with you- similar to tails but more difficult to spot.

Sleeps near you - When asleep, canines naturally want to protect themselves.  In the wild, they will sleep in a defensive position, with their nose out and forming a little circle of safety with their back facing inward. If your dog chooses to sleep with you or next to your bed this is a sign of trust.  And that you’re a pack member.

Wags their tale- the tail is an essential communication tool and can display a whole range of emotions.  Wagging a tail so hard that it’s a blur is a sign that they are happy often because they are with their favorite person.

Stays calm when you leave- once you gain their trust they would literally do anything for you.  If your dog stays calm when you leave the house it shows that they trust you completely to come back.

Licks you- Dogs love to lick. It’s a pretty straightforward way that dogs show love and affection, and they learned this behavior from their mothers who licked their heads when they were born.  Although not all people find it cute, dogs lick their owners in a version of a canine kiss and as an act of love.

Follows you around- it is common to find your dog waiting patiently for you behind a closed door.  It’s because they see you as part of the pack- even the leader.  There is safety in numbers so where their beloved human goes, they go.

Cuddles with you- If you have a close relationship, your dog may constantly want to be in contact with you. Whether they’re curling up next to you or laying on your feet, dogs express attachment through physical contact. They may also lean their full weight against your legs which is the way they hug and ask for love.

They want to play with you- Play is one of the most important behaviors in dogs.  And, if your dog seeks you out to play, this indicates a very strong connection.  And if they bring you their toys, they are showing affection and trust by sharing their treasured possessions.

Rolls on back and shows you their belly - Happy dogs show you their belly. In the wild, canines are most vulnerable when they sleep. So if they sleep near you with their belly up, it means they trust you completely.  And anytime your dog is lying on their back and showing their belly, you can be sure your dog is happy and your relationship is a healthy one.


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