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The world of vocational work has seen a significant shift as remote and work-from-home options have become increasingly popular. With this shift, the importance of creating a comfortable and efficient workspace has become paramount. The Zafferano America - Pina Pro Cordless Lamp is a game-changer in this regard. Designed to provide both form and function, this lamp helps create the ideal work environment. The lamp's cordless design means that it doesn't have to be tethered to an electrical outlet, providing flexibility in where it can be used. This feature helps improve the overall usability of workspaces, allowing individuals to work in areas that may have previously been deemed unusable. Additionally, the lighting provided by this lamp is ideal for creating a comfortable and productive workspace, further enhancing vocational well-being.

The Zafferano Pina Pro Lamp has been featured in the New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Martha Stewart, and is being used at hundreds of top-tier restaurants nationally. 

It combines a sleek modernist profile with 10 color choices that allow it to work in almost any environment.


* Touch On/Off Dimmable LED Table Lamp

* Contact induction charging base with USB included 

* Die-cast LED lamp with polycarbonate diffuser

* 13+ hours cordless illumination on a single charge

* Indoor/Outdoor

* Rechargeable and touch-dimmable

* 1-year warranty


* 185 lumens, 2700K LED/CRI>80/120 volt/2.2w

* 1.4" diameter head x 4.1" diameter base x 11.4" height

* IP54 rating protection

* Die-cast aluminum body

* Powder-coated finish

* Weight 2 lbs.

Instructions: To recharge your Pina Pro lamp, plug the provided charging base into an outlet and place the lamp on the base. The button on the base glows red while charging and turns off once the charge is complete.

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