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The Game of Life board game has been around for decades and has been a source of entertainment for families and friends. However, the game also has an underlying benefit that most people overlook - financial wellness. By simulating real-life situations, the Game of Life teaches players the importance of financial planning and decision-making, thereby improving their financial literacy. The game prompts players to make choices such as investing in education or starting a business, which can directly impact their financial well-being in the long run. With the rising need for financial literacy, the Game of Life board game serves as an effective tool for teaching people of all ages how to manage their finances and make informed financial decisions. As an added bonus, playing the game is also a fun and engaging way to spend time with loved ones while improving financial literacy.

The Game of Life Vintage Bookshelf Edition is a celebration of the iconic 1960 edition. This special edition features vintage graphics and components that will bring back nostalgic memories for those who played the game growing up. The elegant storage design adds to the charm of this edition, as it comes in a fabric-wrapped box with integrated storage. Not only does this make it easy to keep all the components organized, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming collection. 

The game includes all elements from the original 1960 edition. In addition to the classic components, this edition also comes with new additions such as the 7 buildings, 6 plastic car pawns, people pegs, money, insurance policies, stock certificates, and promissory notes. These elements add a realistic touch to the game and enhance the overall gameplay experience. The deck of 24 cards includes events that players will encounter on their journey through life. The betting board adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players can bet on various events and potentially increase their wealth. The Game of Life Vintage is perfect for a fun family game night or a nostalgic trip down memory lane with friends. So gather your loved ones and relive the 1960 edition in all its retro glory.


  • Dimensions: 11 x 8.6 x 3.5

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