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Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary's unique blends of natural ingredients have been found to be incredibly beneficial for physical well-being. With a focus on holistic remedies, their products provide relief for a variety of ailments, from muscle pain to inflammation to insomnia. Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary uses only the highest quality ingredients, including herbs and botanicals known for their healing properties

Lion's Mane is essential for enhancing healthy brain function. Suited to use throughout the day, this potent mushroom tincture offers significant benefits when paired with time and dedication. Blended with organic coconut milk, ROAR is a delicious response to the pressures of modern life, improving mental clarity and focus, delivering cranial bliss for creatives and neuroprotective qualities as we ageÑa true nootropic superfood for all who choose to partake.

Nourishing to the entire nervous system, Lion's Mane is well known for supporting healthy neural pathways and connections in the brain and the stomach. It's a powerful nootropic (brain-booster) that contains ample amounts of NGF (nerve growth factor), the primary protein nutrient responsible for enhancing and repairing neurological disorders and rebuilding the nerve network in the brain and the body.


Made in United States
4oz Glass Bottle with Glass Pipette

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