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Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary's unique blends of natural ingredients have been found to be incredibly beneficial for physical well-being. With a focus on holistic remedies, their products provide relief for a variety of ailments, from muscle pain to inflammation to insomnia. Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary uses only the highest quality ingredients, including herbs and botanicals known for their healing properties

Historically known as the mushroom of immortality, Red Reishi has an indescribable sense of otherworldly tranquility that envelopes the mind and spirit. Reminding us how interconnected we are with the universe, Red Reishi helps expand our consciousness with their web-like mycelial wisdom all while keeping our immune systems resilient and strong with antiviral boosting qualities. Well known to replenish depleted energy stores, reduce inflammation, relieve digestive issues, calm anxiety, reduce depression, support a better mood, encourage better sleep, and restore hormonal balance, this medicinal mushroom is one of the most studied and revered fungi on the planet.


Made in United States
4oz Glass Bottle with Glass Pipette
Ingredients: Reishi (Ganoderma lingzhi) fruitbody/mycelium, organic Rose petals, and Hibiscus petals. Extracted in artesian well cane spirits, pure spring water, and organic vegetable glycerin.

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