Starting your workday off on the right foot can not only have a significant impact on your vocational well-being but your overall happiness and productivity as well. One tool that can help you achieve this is the Habit Nest - The Morning Sidekick Journal. 

The Morning Sidekick Journal is a guided morning planner that helps you have the best mornings of your life. This is a 66-day, fully guided journal that uses a combination of daily content and daily tracking to help users build a morning routine that allows them to conquer their day!

The journal is scientifically crafted into a three-phase system that provides a unique tracking page. You’ll decide your wake-up and sleep times, plan out your mornings the night before so you’re fully ready for the day, track the benefits you’re realizing, and reflect on your days.

Each day you're given new learning tools, inspiration, and guidance for improving the quality of your mornings. These include expert tips, actionable strategies, daily challenges, affirmations, links and descriptions to phenomenal videos, podcasts, recommended resources, and more.

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