The Ginko Smart Moon Lamp is more than just a beautiful piece of home decor. This lamp is designed to improve both intellectual and environmental wellness, creating a calming yet inspiring atmosphere. Modeled after the elliptical orbiting moon, the Ginko Smart Moon Lamp provides a soothing glow that promotes relaxation and creativity. Additionally, this lamp is environmentally friendly, using safe and biodegradable PLA material and reclaimed wood, and energy-efficient LED bulbs that are built to last. With the Ginko Smart Moon Lamp, you can elevate your space and your mindset at the same time.

The sphere, with its textured surface imitating that of the moon, slowly rotates in the space above your choice of wooden base: walnut or white ash. Using a powerful built-in magnet, the moon is suspended and floats in mid-air, creating a stunning and functional piece of design.

By gently touching the base, you can choose from three different light modes; warm yellow, cool white or warm white, something to suit every taste.


•. Eco-friendly, safe and biodegradable PLA material and reclaimed wood

•. By Gingko Design

•. Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.3 x 6.3 Weight: 1.3 lb (0.6 kg)

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