Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you about something I’m truly passionate about. It’s a new lifestyle brand and mission-driven company. I’d like to introduce to you, Thnk:. Our mission is to affirm, inspire and curate a more fulfilled and abundant life for you and your community.

The timing couldn’t be better. We are living in a critical period where anxiety, temperaments,

misinformation, fear, and distrust are threatening our well-being as individuals and as a whole.

Thnk: wants to do our part in trying to change the course we are on.

We are launching, as a digital destination to include inspiring content, products, and services to help individuals live their best life, all built on the foundation of the 8 dimensions of wellness. But before we can show the world what Thnk: is all about, we need a base of support. That’s why I’m writing to you.

I am inviting you to join Thnk: as one of our founding members to help seed and build the brand’s foundation. As part of the founding community, you will receive the Thnk: First Addition Founding Members Kit, plus lots of other exclusive perks, benefits, and discounts. The fee for the first year is $200 and it’s just $8 a month after that.

By becoming part of our network, you will contribute to a bigger cause, generate ideas, and help us get closer to our goal.

Thank you for your consideration.

I truly cherish the opportunity to count on your support and have you join us on the journey.


Cabell Harris

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