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Spiritual wellness goes beyond the physical; it's a valuable aspect of our overall well-being. It presents us with a way to cope with trauma and lessens negative emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. More than just providing comfort during tough times, embracing spiritual wellness leads to an increase in hope, inner peace, and a stronger sense of purpose. It allows us to make choices that align with our values and beliefs, fostering feelings of compassion and awe.

Even the smallest items can aid in calming our thoughts and centering our minds. This  this planter is a reminder to keep our hearts open to this journey of life. Made out of cast concrete, this versatile piece can be used for florals, candles, or small trinkets.


  • Dimensions: 5.3_ x 4.5_ x 4.5_
  • Weight: 3 lb (1.4 kg)

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