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  • 【Comfortable Experience】The BlissTrends footrest has two layers: the lower layer measures 16.9"*11.2"*2.0", and the upper layer is 3.7" thick. The footstool is ergonomically designed with sufficient height and curvature to better relieve the pressure on your limbs and discomfort when sitting for long periods.
  • 【Adjustable Height】This footrest is a two-piece set with magic tapes between the upper and lower layers so you can adjust the height of the foot rest according to your usage needs. When you want to adjust the thickness of the foot rest, you only need to pull the zipper and magic tapes between the two layers of the footrest to switch the thickness.
  • 【Easy to Clean】The cover of the footrest is installed with a zipper and it can be easily removed for machine washing. The footrest’s fabric is durable and easy to clean. The footrests are perfect for the office. You only need to wash regularly, you can enjoy the comfort of the footrests for a long time.
  • 【High Quality Material】The core of the foot pillow is made of high-quality foam, which is supportive and does not easily collapse or lose shape. The bottom of the foot pillow is made with a non-slip design, which ensures that the foot pillow does not easily shift when being used.
  • 【Multiple Use Options】The footrest can be used under your feet or behind your knees. Whether in the office or on the go the footrest can make sitting more comfortable. Also great as an airplane footrest. You will gradually develop the correct sitting habits in the process of using the footrest under your desk at work, which can effectively relieve the pressure on your spine and allow your body to be more stretched.

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