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  • Contemplate Solo or Connect with Others - Sort out your spiritual beliefs by using the prompts as a guided journal or daily devotional. Or invite deep, nourishing discussions about self-awareness, beliefs, faith, and being human. Get comfortable, draw cards, and respond to them as daily journal prompts, or gather your open-minded friends to contemplate life, the human spirit, and your path. Elevate your thinking, connection, and conversations with these open-ended questions.
  • Designed for Connection and Safety - Enjoy prompts that push no specific religion or beliefs and ask questions that can be answered by people from extremely different backgrounds. Non-denominational, open-ended, and positive, this deck is accessible to beginners as well as the deeply spiritual, whether religious or not. Use the approachable prompts to encourage thoughtfulness and deeper conversations, and feel safe gifting these spiritual cards to a friend or loved one.
  • Go on a Spiritual Journey - Includes 400 prompts: 354 open-ended questions and 54 thoughtful quotes on double-sided 2.5" x 1.75" cards. These spiritual conversation starters and writing prompts span a huge range of topics that you can go deep on. Whether you want to explore your spiritual beliefs or simply enjoy conversations that go beyond small talk, the wide assortment of topics will promote deep thinking and contemplation.
  • Connect to Your Source - Spending time connecting to what you believe in nourishes the soul. These cards can complement the spiritual books, spiritual items, mindfulness activities, or spiritual journals you already use in your spiritual practice. These prompts provide structure for exploring the endlessly deep and nuanced field of spirituality. Create more time and space for spiritual discovery and connection with these spiritual cards.
  • Are These Contemplation Cards For You? - If you're fascinated by consciousness and the mystery of existence, these prompts might be for you. You’ll probably like these cards if you like meditation, inner work, deep discussions, or connecting to something bigger than yourself. If spiritual decor is your thing, this compact card deck with a new-age design will fit right in. If you love deep thought and value self-awareness like we do, we think you'll enjoy what these cards can do.

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